Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crysis 2: First Impressions

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Crysis 2, I decided to test drive the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo. The gameplay centralizes around the hyper advanced Nano Suit. The suit gives players the ability to enter Armor Mode and Stealth Mode as well as allow them to sprint, slide and jump great distances.

All of these abilities deplete the suits energy especially when used together. Luckily, the suits energy replenishes quickly when it is not being used, this gives the game a distinctive feel, making it so players can use their energy in bursts, followed by a short cool down where they are very vulnerable. Failure to use the suit’s energy wisely will result in you getting VERY dead.

The demo showcases two very different maps: Skyline and Pier 17. Personally, I preferred fighting across the rooftops of New York on the map Skyline as it encourages all types of play styles. Games on Pier 17 always seemed to turn into a snipe-fest, causing anyone wandering into the middle of the map to get their head blown off.

In addition to weapons, every player gets their choice of attachments and perks, very similar to Call of Duty. This provides a nice customization ability to adapt to distinct play styles. But before you go accusing Crysis of being another CoD clone, let me tell you that it has a very unique feel to it. The perks are different, the guns are futuristic and the addition of the nanosuit adds a whole new layer to the multiplayer and makes CoD and Crysis incomparable.

There were, however, a few rendering flaws and some delay in killing animations, but keep in mind that this is a non-polished demo of the game and I’m hoping that these will have been almost completely fixed by release.

All in all, I think the Crysis 2 multiplayer is looking great. Variety in guns and perks, unique nano suit mechanics, and some pretty damn good looking graphics all rolled up into one; sounds pretty great to me. If Crysis captivates as many gamers as I think it will, and hones the multiplayer a little bit, I could actually see it competing with multiplayer giants like Halo and CoD.

You will definitely be seeing a review of the full Crysis 2 game shortly after release.


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