Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Introductions: Nate

Hey there. The name is Nate. I earned my degree in Equine Business Management and Training. I currently work 7 days a week at a show barn in Colorado with horses worth $500,000. So with not a lot of time off I have to make use of the evenings and day I get off. So why not play video games? Problem solved.

I started my gaming career rather young with a couple DOS computer games. My first video game of any kind was Soccer Kid. I progressed to RTS’s like Command and Conquer, and Age of Empires. This led to hanging out with friends that had N64’s and Game Cubes. I did not own my own console till college, when I had tons of time and absolutely nothing to do with it. I bought a Nintendo 64 a couple games and now I have a Play Station 3, an Xbox 360, a Play Station 2, to accompany the Nintendo 64. I prefer to play First Person Shooters but I also enjoy other game genres from gaming, through suspense, thrillers, to racing and family fun.

My Gamertag is Zypher175. I chose this tag because I thought it was the name of the drink in Casino Royale, which is actually ‘Vesper’. My bad, but now I have a pretty Badass gamertag so who cares? As for the number 175, that is for me to know and for you to ponder.

Video games are simple, entertaining, thought provoking, boredom breaking, and fun. They encourage the use and growth of logic, planning, and hand eye coordination.

Name: Nate
Gamertag: Zypher175
Specializations: Shooters, Racing/Driving Simulator, Move, Scary, and Family Fun
Favorite Games: Killzone 3, Borderlands, Red Dead Redemption, Black Ops, Gran Turismo 5, and Prey.
Video Huevos Position: PlayStation/PS3 Move Liaison, Idea Consultant, Writer.


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