Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Jokes

Every April Fools Day is filled with jokes, some funny, most just awful. Some of the most successful foolers are websites and game developers, some of which fool many people, and others that are just plain hilarious. We’ve compiled a list of a few of the bigger April Fools pranks by websites and video games this year.

Youtube - 1911 Button
Youtube today introduced the 1911 button in the bottom right-hand corner of their videos. Clicking it causes the videos sound to be muted, old-timey piano music to commence and the video is altered so it appears to be very old and grainy. There is no word on whether or not this will become a permanent addition to the site, but I would guess that we have not seen the last of it.

Google - Gmail Motion
With Xbox and PS3 releasing the Kinect and PS Move respectively, it seems that body motion has become the hot thing with gamers this past year. Google seems to be getting on board with their new addition: Gmail Motion. They claim that the human body was not meant to use primitive tools such as the keyboard and mouse and think instead that the use of body language will increase productivity and eliminate stress.

Blizzard - The Blizzard Trifecta
Blizzard can always be counted on to dish out a good laugh on AFD, three to be exact. Blizzard seems to always release at least one joke for each of its three franchises, (Starcraft, Diablo, World of Warcraft) most of which provide a good chuckle or two.

Anyone who has played Diablo II for more than a few hours knows the wonders of the Horadric Cube. This magical cube allows the user to combine gems to create even more glorious gems. Blizzard today announced that they will be releasing a Horadric Cube for Iphone apps. Hooray! Now you can finally combine Angry Birds with something that’s actually useful!

World of Warcraft
Been having trouble with dungeons? Well Blizzard has the answer for you: Crabby, the Dungeon Helper. Crabby remains onscreen throughout your dungeons and raids and provided useful (and not at all annoying) tips. I hear that Crabby may be related to a certain paperclip.

Starcraft 2
Blizzard, like Google, seems to want to join the bandwagon of motion gaming. Starcraft is returning to consoles, optimized with the Kinect, to ensure that you get the highest APM possible.

League of Legends - Lee Sin, The Blind Monk
League of Legends unveiled their new Champion, Lee Sin, The Blind Monk. The announcer describes Lee Sin as a “ranged, melee, tanky, DPS, assassin, mage, tank-support jungler” that “excels at everything.” Unfortunately, he has a passive skill, “blindness”, which makes your entire screen blurry for the full duration of the game. Sounds to me like they need to buff him.

Guild Wars 2 - New Profession: Commando
Guild Wars 2 unveiled the Commando, a new profession. The commando uses state of the art weaponry and holds to ability to call in air strikes and other military help once a high enough multiplier is achieved. Seems like everyone wants a piece of the Call of Duty pie.

Minecraft - Loot Store
If you are familiar with Diablo and World of Warcraft you know that there are always illegal loot shops with way overpriced items. It appears that Minecraft is just fine with that and seems to be using it as a marketing strategy.

Razerzone Talon: Gaming Bio Exoskeleton
Ever want to be one of the Pros and have the unbelievable APM of 300? Well... 300 APM is for newbs, the Razerzone Talon will allow you to reach APM of more than 3000! Leave your opponents and your keyboard in a pile of dust.

Bungie - Pimpsville
Bungie is going back to its 2001 “release” of the Pimps at Sea franchise. Times have changed since the original release with social media. Because of this, Bungie has teamed up with Mark Zuckerberg to make Pimpsville into a Facebook app. “Keep your Facebook friends close, and your Facebook bitches closer.”

IGN - The Aurors (Harry Potter TV Show)
IGN made everyone either incredibly excited or unbelievably terrified with their Legend of Zelda Movie prank in 2008. This year they seem to be targeting a new audience with The Aurors, a new Harry Potter TV show.

To see the Legend of Zelda trailer go here:

What was your favorite April Fools Day prank? Let us know in the comments.


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