Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bastion: 60 Second Review

Don't have time to read it? Watch it!

Something magical happens when first entering the world of Bastion. It’s something that’s hard to pinpoint, but it’s definitely there. Perhaps it’s navigating through the combination of art styles seamlessly flowing together whilst the deep-voiced narrator describes your characters actions. This is not your usual XBLA game.

If you grew up on any of the classic gaming systems then chances are you remember at least one classic RPG and how it made you feel. Bastion somehow harnesses that nostalgia while providing something that feels completely new and unique.

Bastion is simple to pick up and learn but difficult to master. It centers around simple mechanics and controls, the player is given two weapons, a shield, a special ability, and the ability to evade/roll. The player can chose their own weapons and ability, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses. Each weapon also has a variety of upgrades to collect and chose from, making gameplay very customizable. If that weren’t enough, you can even augment enemies to add a challenge for a larger reward. Bastion steps away from the usual stats system and instead focuses on skill and customization, a refreshing change from usual RPGs.

The narrator following the player through every step of the game adds a mystical, story-like essence and makes it feel not like you’re following a set story, but creating one. The story itself is masterfully crafted and intriguing.

Bastion is, simply put, awesome, I just wish there was more of it, the campaign itself only lasts about 5 hours. The creators tried to supplement this with weapon challenges, leaderboards on certain levels and the New Game+ feature but ultimately, the game is still very short. Bastion exhausts itself long before it exhausts the player.

Video / Audio9.5
Huevos Factor9.5



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