Friday, July 15, 2011

Trenched Achievement Guides

Some of the achievements of Trenched may seem tricky but most are far easier than they seem. We've put together some video guides for the trickier ones.

Conscientious Objector
To get this one you need to complete one level without firing a shot. This, of course, doesn't count shots from your turrets.

This is an easy achievement to get. Simply select the first level and be sure to select an engineering trench and one machine gun turret. Place three machine gun turrets around the perimeter of the ship and focus on collecting scrap and avoiding blitzers. Upgrade the turrets as you have money and this should be a piece of cake.

To get this achievement you need to kill 5 enemies with a single explosion. Since knobs each count as an enemy, this achievement is very easy.

Just make sure you have some sort of artillery cannon equipped and go to the first Africa level, Oasis. There are plenty of Knobs here, one well placed shot will do it.

To get this achievement you need to kill an enemy with a sniper shot that has bounced 4 times. This is an achievement that sounds difficult but is actually very easy.

You need to make sure you have at least one sniper rifle equipped that has "Ricochet" as a special ability. Select the Europe mission refinery and position yourself in-between the two front paths the enemies take. When enemies come, shoot directly at the opposite wall and you will probably get this achievement instantly. Watch the video for more clarity.

Medal of Honor
To get this achievement you need to get Gold medals on all missions.

Once you have leveled up pretty far and have improved weapons getting gold medals on most missions is VERY easy. The main mission that is difficult to gold is the final boss: Farnsworth. It's not that the boss is difficult, it's the fact that the time limit for a gold medal is so short. This one is kind of hard to explain so it would probably be easier just to watch the video:


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